About Us

Press Beauty is a completely natural and Australian owned beauty brand, founded in 2018.

Designed with a commitment to create products that are inherently sustainable and leave minimal impact on the environment, Press Beauty believes in a considered and informed approach to skincare.

With an emphasis on simple, hardworking ingredients, our natural beauty formulations are proudly handcrafted in Australia, plant-derived and cruelty-free. Press Beauty focuses on sourcing high-quality botanicals for their therapeutic benefits and sensory properties; infusing flowers, herbs and fruits with potent natural oils and active ingredients.

With a commitment to transparency and ethical practices, Press Beauty encourages honest conversation about the world of beauty, and the importance of ingredient education and practices.

Press Beauty has developed a series of topical beauty products and accessories, designed to refine your skincare routine and embrace its most pure forms.

Press Beauty believes in the positive practices of self education and the profound holistic benefits of natural beauty.

With the unequivocal linking of our internal and external health, Press Beauty places an emphasis on the inclusion of simple, hardworking formulas that are proudly plant derived and cruelty free.

Hand crafted in Australia, Press Beauty solidifies its commitment to sustainable products and practices, to leave only the lightest of footprints on our natural environment.

Founder Story:

The inception of Press Beauty was inspired by the personal health and skincare journey of our founder. With a passion for beauty offset by a longstanding battle with Endometriosis, a desire to understand the alchemy of ingredients most commonly found in beauty products led to a greater mission.

Unearthing the truth between the correlation of hazardous and harmful ingredients with women’s reproductive and skin systems formulated the basis of Press Beauty’s mission to educate consumers on the importance of clean beauty, and a commitment to providing natural and safe products for all.

A personal-health education piece intertwined with a holistic mission to promote sustainable skincare forms the foundation for Press Beauty.

A passionate advocation for women’s health and a detailed story of the brand’s creation, our founder’s personal journey can be discovered here.