Our Ethos:

Our mission is to create natural beauty products that are highly effective, cause no harm to you, and leave minimal impact on the environment.

With an emphasis on simple, hardworking formulas, our natural beauty formulations are handcrafted in Australia, plant-derived and cruelty-free. Founded with a focus on antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients, Press Beauty has since grown to focus on providing a clean alternative to conventional beauty products, always with a firm belief that natural skincare shouldn’t come at the cost of brand credibility.

We source high-quality botanicals for their therapeutic benefits and sensory properties, infusing flowers, herbs and fruits with potent natural oils and active ingredients.

From signature packaging and ingredient labels you can understand, to formulas that work beautifully without costing the planet or your skin’s long term health, Press Beauty believes in contributing to a positive quality of life, from your everyday skincare regime to your consumer choices.

Founder Story:

A self-described beauty junkie, Press Beauty founder Tammy’s passion for skincare started in her teens. Searching for a solution to treat her acne, Tammy became passionate about skin and beauty products and hoped to pursue a career in the industry.

After founding her first business; a fashion label, during her university studies, Tammy returned to her passion and developed the first iteration of Press Beauty in 2018. Applying her experience growing her first business from scratch, Tammy began building Press Beauty - but a serious medical setback forced her to reevaluate.

After months of consistent and undiagnosed pain, Tammy was told she had endometriosis; a condition affecting 1 in 10 women, yet a condition Tammy knew little about. In the following months of treatment, not only did she learn about the detrimental effect of standard beauty products on the endocrine system, but that many of the chemicals she’d previously sought out to help clear her acne could have possibly contributed to her endometriosis.

After recovering from her surgery and endometriosis treatment, Tammy turned her attention back to Press Beauty, redeveloping the brand with the mission to provide better skincare alternatives. Taking the business on hiatus to significantly reformat the products with all natural ingredients, Tammy relaunched Press in 2020 to offer not only beautiful and effective products, but to educate her audience about endometriosis, and encourage them to make choices to help avoid a similar diagnosis.

You can read Tammy's full story and learn more about endometriosis here.