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Four Swipies® Reusable Makeup Removing Towels


Four Swipies® Reusable Makeup Removing Towels

Product Notes

Forming the base of your daily cleansing routine, Swipies®  are a set of four stain-resistant reusable makeup removing towels. Allowing you to thoroughly cleanse to remove makeup, dirt and impurities with nothing but water, Swipies® are the antidote to toxic chemicals, harsh cleansers and disposable wipes that can harm both your skin and the earth.

Swipies® help to protect the delicate pH levels of your skin, whilst working to promote the end of irritation and breakouts as a gentle, sustainable and economical alternative.

Directions For Use

  1. Wash towels prior to use.
  2. Wet towel with warm water to activate the knitted fibres.
  3. Swipe face in circular motions.
  4. Reveal fresh, clean and natural skin.

Product Details

This set contains four reusable 30cm x 30cm makeup removing + cleansing towels in reusable Prene® zip pouch.

Designed in Australia. 100% polyester. Cruelty free.

Size and Care

Hand or machine wash with like colours. 

Click HERE to watch the demo video.

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